Here at Liberty, we have a small but great team of specialists with years of combined experience in planning, design, and installation. Our range of wood and laminate flooring offers a fabulous choice of modern and classic tones and designs.

Choose a beautiful real wood floor and enjoy its longevity and character with its natural and unique form able to enhance any living or workspace for years to come. With the latest trends in laminate flooring on display and a lower-cost alternative to real wood, laminate, inspired by nature, is a favourite among new builds and renovations. Affordable and hard-wearing yet still emulating nature laminate is incredibly affordable and long-lasting.

I meet every client personally by appointment and will take you through selecting the right product for you. My aim is to provide you with utter satisfaction with your finished results and aspire to deliver a service and experience rivalled by none.

. In addition, we can expand our services to include interior design; working with you on colour schemes, shopping lists, and sourcing items to complete your project. We can also take the inconvenience of having a new flooring away by offering uplifting of your old flooring and emptying and refilling your room or office too.

For more information or to arrange a measure of your space please call Liberty 01686 622500

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