About Me

I have been very lucky in having a job that I love for all of my adult life.

My passion for interiors and design combines perfectly with the technical knowledge I have acquired with more than 34 years experience in the flooring and interiors industry. I love to be involved from inception to installation and offer both interior and technical design for both residential or commercial spaces.


With experience in complete renovations or simply improving an existing room or work space, I help clients with their own interiors project no matter how small or large and have made some fantastic friends and acquaintances along the way. Your complete satisfaction is paramount to me, being hands on in my own renovations and building projects means I can relate to and help you on your own interiors journey to ensure you love your new space and have great fun creating it.


I was 16 years old when I started working in furnishings and loved it from the start.

My favorite aspect of the job was being with the customers and helping them choose the right products for them. I soon progressed to include the buying and meeting with manufacturers and suppliers, choosing products for our showroom floor, and being responsible for the displays.


It was a family affair with my daughter and youngest son helping out after school and in the school holidays, with my youngest still working in the industry today.

About Liberty

I expanded into curtains & blinds soon after opening and beds and bedroom furniture followed a little later.

After a great ten years in that building, I followed my Landlord to another of their newly acquired buildings and in 2016 relocated to the Iconic Royal Welsh Warehouse.

Occupying the prime space on the ground floor where we still are today. Such a beautiful building provided a wonderful backdrop for more of our design-led collections. I was able to increase our ranges in both flooring, furniture and homeware and I have been immensely proud of the showroom and it’s growth over the last five years. I’ve offered interior design for many years but always on a low key basis as I have always been so very busy with the shop but since Covid hit and we were forced into our second lock down I was able to concentrate on this side of the business without the shop taking priority and we completed some fabulous projects. In-particular putting together furniture packages and schemes for several different holiday let projects.

Despite not advertising, this work has continued since lockdown ended and word of mouth has prompted many new clients to involve me in their projects. So… This leads me to here and now! Because I love all aspects of what I do but I can’t be everywhere I have, with the help of some very clever tech people created this, our ‘Hybrid’ website, a best of both worlds style of modern shopping. I have an online, e-commerce shop for those of you who are comfortable shopping at home or who have already bought from us and simply want to add to your collection, but for those who like to see and touch products before purchasing; for every range that is showcased on our website shop I will have a sample piece on display in our design led showroom-studio for you to view. So if you would prefer to shop in a more face to face, traditional way you can. And I will be there to meet you!

Call 01686 622500 to for more information or to arrange a consultation with me. –

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